Greetings from Rev. Frieda

It is August 1st and today I begin my ministry with all of you at NSUU. Excited about this new beginning, I came in to the church today to start to get my office in order and plan the coming week. I was almost there when I realized I forgot my keys! I’ve entered the building through the nursery school and am writing this in the library. I’m glad I decided to come. In this silent church, in the deep peace of the meeting room, in the jumble of notices on the bulletin boards, I can feel your energy and activity. This is indeed a place of sanctuary, good works, and fellowship.

In August, I will be meeting with various groups and planning services and classes for the coming year. I am available for any pastoral care needs, counseling, or just to chat if you like. I welcome the chance to get to know some of you during this time. It will be a little while before I have a definite schedule in place. For now, e-mail is the best way to reach me, I check it frequently. If you’d like to get together or need me to visit, just send me a note and include your phone number.

I will be attending the service on Sunday. I look forward to Jeri Kroll’s topic, humor, it seems very timely to me in the face of so much that would burden our hearts. By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the shootings at the Knoxville, TN UU church. I was very affected by this news and perhaps many of you were as well. There is a previous post that gives you a place to express your condolences. There is also a relief fund set up by the UUA where you can contribute to aid for the families there.

In order to give us all a chance to talk together about our feelings, thoughts, and implications of this horrible event, I will hold a gathering for a facilitated conversation from 12:00 – 1:00 pm on Sunday in the Meeting Room. All are welcome.

See you Sunday!