NSUU members visit English Unitarians

Warwick Unitarian Chapel

Warwick Unitarian Chapel

Church member Iain Goddard has uploaded a slideshow of photos taken on an exchange visit to Warwick Chapel in Warwick, England. Northshore UU Church members visited our Unitarian friends in Warwick from June 24 through July 2.

The slideshow has been added to the photo section of our online Media Center as well. Iain also offers the following report:

Fifteen members of Northshore UU Church have recently returned from a trip to Warwick, in the midlands of England. This was about an hour north of London. We enjoyed a homestay week with members of the Warwick Unitarian Chapel — and some of us stayed on to enjoy other British and European delights.

History of Warwick exchange. Leonard Swanson and Judy Putnam spent the school year 1990-1991 in England as part of a teaching exchange. They lived in the Cubbington suburb of Leamington Spa, but attended church at the Warwick Chapel. Several visits ensued, starting in 1993, of Warwick folks to the North Shore (the last was a few years ago), or of our members to England.

What we did. We were treated like royalty by our hosts, and not allowed to spend a cent. There were lots of meals and occasions to get together as a group with our hosts, and we were entertained with special and unique events. We visited Warwick Castle (“Britain’s Greatest Mediaeval Experience”), Coventry Cathedral, and Oxford University. We attended an Old English music hall show, and played (won) a skittles match with the English folks. We even had a day of unscheduled time, when some of us elected to go to London or Stratford-upon-Avon or elsewhere.

What we learned. It’s OK if the person in the front left seat of the car is not watching the road.

The Warwick Unitarians have been a congregation since 1635.

No matter how careful, an American visitor is bound to confuse “chips” (French fries) with “crisps” (potato chips).

Harris Manchester College is a Unitarian institution in the Anglican establishment of Oxford University (the college founded in 1786, accepted as part of the university in 1996).

Closure. The Warwick/Danvers exchanges are a great way to have fun with a group of really nice folks. The next exchange will undoubtedly give us a chance to entertain the Britons here on the North Shore. I recommend hosting some people, helping with events, or just showing up and having a great time.

One of the purposes of these exchanges was to help both congregations grow and to build community. It seems to be working on both sides.

Who went

  • Amy Tedford and Rosemary Broadbent stayed with their host, Cherry Dodd, in Warwick.
  • Dona McDuff stayed with Jane Beevers in Warwick.
  • Barb Haight, with granddaughters Cortney and Kayla, stayed with Marion and John Sheldon in Warwick.
  • Leonard Swanson and Judy Putnam stayed with Hilary and Victor Mamwell in Kenilworth, north of Warwick.
  • Ray Haight, with grandson Matthew, stayed with Elaine and Toshio Namura and daughter Imogen in Harbury, east of Warwick.
  • Dolores and Ed Link stayed with Malcolm Sadler in Stratford-upon-Avon, southwest of Warwick.
  • Marion Olson stayed with Mick and Allison Bridgman and son Benjamin in Bournville, southeast Birmingham.
  • Iain and Joanne Goddard stayed with John and Barbara Warren in Sutton-Coldfield, northeast Birmingham.