Thoughts on the church burglary

As many of you know by now, we had a break-in at the church Sunday night. The thief probably entered the church through an unlocked classroom door, broke into the office, and stole the cash and checks collected at Octoberfair. Fortunately we have copies of the checks and were able to contact everyone to have them stop payment and reissue a check to NSUU. We lost approximately $3,200 in cash. Ellen in the preschool had a small amount of cash taken, too. The collection from Sunday was not stolen.

We are heartsick about this, of course; it’s sad on so many levels: for the many people who worked so very hard on the Fair, for the church budget, for the conditions and thinking that led this person to do this, and for our violated sense of security. On the bright side, the assets of the church that are much more important — the people, all of the spirit and love you bring to NSUU, and the building and grounds themselves — are all intact. I’m glad no one was here to be hurt.

We’ve been working with the police, and I’m asking for your help in the investigation. If you noticed anyone or anything unusual or suspicious on Saturday or Sunday, please let me or Nancy know. Nancy has contacted the insurance company, which will pay to repair the window in the office door and reimburse at least some of the cash. As we have information about that, we’ll let you know. The Board is working on how to improve cash management going forward. If you have questions or suggestions, let us know.

May the positive energy we’ve all generated these past couple of months keep us from dwelling on this too much, and carry us onward to better things.

With great faith in NSUU,