Thoughts on war and peace

In the last 90 years America has gone to war at least eight times. Yet this period contains more years of peace than war. We are a nation that historically goes to war reluctantly. Is that changing?

“A Peaceful Nation” will be the topic of the sermon this Sunday, July 5. The speaker will be Fred Mills, our director of religious education. The service will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Following the service, a time has been set aside to honor Eva Turner, a member of our church who served two of our predecessor churches, the Peabody Universalist Church and the Peabody Unitarian Church. She has been an active member of Northshore UU since its founding, always with dedication and love.

Eva will be 90 89 years old today, and everyone is invited to gather in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate her birthday.

Child care is available, and visitors are always welcome. Our Religious Education Program will resume in the fall.

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