The meaning of Ramadan

We have entered the season of Ramadan, a period of fasting, prayer, and spiritual study for Muslims.

The radio program Speaking of Faith has gathered stories about the meaning of Ramadan from Muslims all over the country. They are inspiring and touching, and are a wonderful way to get to know our Muslim neighbors better. I commend them to you.

On the Speaking of Faith website, you can listen to the original program, “Revealing Ramadan,” or listen to the uncut versions of the stories presented. You’ll also find poetry about Ramadan by Adnan Onart, one of the callers. By clicking here, you can listen to his poems “Ramadan in Dunkin’ Donuts,” “Morning Prayer,” and more.

If you are offered food by a stranger this month at sundown somewhere — maybe even a Dunkin’ Donuts — it just might be an invitation to participate in the breaking of the Ramadan fast.