Winter storm cancellation policy

Willowdale State Forest, Ipswich

With the National Weather Service predicting a possible snowstorm for Saturday night and Sunday morning, we want to remind you how to find out whether our Sunday service will be held as scheduled or not.

Reverend Frieda, director of religious education Fred Mills, music director Judy Putnam and board chair John Forbes will make the call early on Sunday morning — or on Saturday night if possible. Our utmost concern will be your safety, and our service will not be held if conditions are expected to be dangerous.

If the service is going to be canceled, church administrator Nancy Paskowski will record an announcement on the church voice-mail and send out a church-wide e-mail. This will be done by 9 a.m. Also, church website editor Dan Kennedy will place an announcement here at as soon as he is notified.

If you are teaching in the Religious Education Program or performing in the Singing Group, Fred or Judy will call you as soon as they are able.