This Sunday’s service: “Which God Do You Mean?”

One of the most problematic aspects of a conversation about God is the word itself — that we can mean such different things by it. Those differences will be the subject of the Reverend Frieda Gillespie’s sermon this Sunday, November 14, titled “Which God Do You Mean?”

Reverend Frieda will discuss Karen Armstrong’s book The Case for God, in which Armstrong explains that the ancients meant something quite different by “God” from what we mean today. The idea that we can “believe” in God is something quite recent in history. If not belief, then what?

Last year Armstrong discussed The Case for God on NPR’s Fresh Air. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Our service will begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by coffee and fellowship at about 11:30. Religious education classes and child care are offered, and visitors are always welcome.

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