Circle dinners — and lunches — return to NSUU

Circle dinners are a special way to get to know others in the church in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We had a successful round of circle dinners last year and hope to continue the fun this year. Circle dinners will be held in January, February, and March. They are all scheduled for the last Saturday of the month — to make it easier for you to remember. So, mark your calendars now: NSUU circle dinners will be on January 29, February 26, and March 26.

Host and guest sign-up sheets for the January 29 circle dinner have been posted in the Fellowship Hall. There will be two sign-up sheets — one for hosts and one for guests. We will try to notify all hosts and guests of their specific circle dinner party one week ahead of time.

As a host, you tell us how many guests you can accommodate (two to eight) and coordinate each guest’s contribution: appetizer, entree, salad, dessert, drinks, and the like. So, if you are a host, you provide the place and have first choice about what you’re providing for the dinner — your guests can bring the rest.

We are also trying something new this year: circle lunches. Too busy on a Saturday evening? Prefer to gather during the day? Sign up for a circle lunch.

Enjoy the pleasant conversation and warm feelings that only a shared potluck can provide. Contact Leonard Swanson (978-356-8880) if you have any questions.