Our church’s social-networking presence

As a follow-up to Reverend Frieda’s social-networking discussion this past Sunday, we thought you’d like to be able to access our Facebook group as easily as possible. Therefore, we’ve moved the Facebook button to the top of the right-hand column. If you are already registered with Facebook, just click on the button and you will enter. If you ask to join the group, we will try to approve you as quickly as possible. Activity has really picked up since Sunday, so please take part.

Our Twitter button is near the top, too. At the moment we are doing very little with Twitter. But new posts to NSUU.org are automatically sent to our Twitter feed, so it is another way to keep up on what’s going on at our church.

The church also belongs to two other social-networking groups — Flickr, for photo-sharing, and YouTube, for posting videos. So please have a look at those as well.