Reception for artist Mary Baures to be held on July 10

Artist, writer, and psychologist Dr. Mary Baures is presenting an exhibit of her paintings in the Northshore UU Church meeting room throughout July and August. There will be an artist’s reception at the church on Sunday, July 10, from 2 to 5 p.m.

In her practice in Beverly, Dr. Baures specializes in trauma recovery; the landscape of her paintings mirrors her work. Both are worlds of magical transformations where vivid and connecting things emerge from dark backgrounds. The forces that comfort and support are animal guides and winged spirits.

“I began painting because eight years of graduate school — wordy cerebral analysis — cut me off from my inner world,” she says. “Painting uses the same energy as prayer and meditation. In my best paintings, the images evolve without interference from my conscious mind.”

Dr. Baures’s website is online at