This Sunday’s service: “Times of Transition”

Transitions are an ever-present part of our lives, whether we’re experiencing change in our work, school, health, relationships — you name it. What sustains us as we are moving through challenging or uncertain times? What enables us to build meaningful and strong personal bridges across especially tough periods of change?

Those are some of the questions that will be explored at our service this Sunday, September 18, as our acting minister, Jen Dillinger, M.Div., speaks on the topic of “Times of Transition.” The service will explore the spirituality of transition and the role of UU community in helping us to support each other as we walk along our interconnected journeys.

Also this Sunday, our Religious Education Program will get under way. And immediately following the service, the Social Action Committee will host a “Feast and Film” event — a special coffee hour with a buffet featuring locally grown produce, with an emphasis on seasonally appropriate, organic, free-range, and humanely raised food.

The film will be excerpts from Fresh, which celebrates the farmers, thinkers, and business people who are re-inventing our food system. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives to the current industrial model of agriculture, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet. For more information, click here.