Monthly drum circles begin this Saturday

The first drum circle of the 2012-’13 church year will be held this Saturday, September 8, at 7 p.m.

All are welcome, and if you are concerned that you don’t know how to drum, you’ll soon learn. Extra drums are available, as well as a gorgeous smorgasbord of interesting percussion instruments from around the world.

Sometimes the drum circle features performers and storytellers, but the main interest is in sharing the beat together. The co-facilitators are Northshore UU Church member Andrea Sweeney and Daniel Shea, who leads drum circles at the First Parish (UU) in Bedford and elsewhere. He also plays beautiful native flute and is a strong, humble believer in the power of drumming for peace between all peoples.

“We have a gorgeous space for our drumming here at Northshore UU,” says Andrea. “It’s out in the woodlands in our big open hall, with an oculus in the ceiling, so we see stars and the moon when it’s overhead. The acoustics are magical for drumming.”

The drum circles will take place on the second Saturday of each month, and are listed online on the Calendar of Events.

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