Penny Neal’s “Elucidations” on display through November

Penelope “Penny” Neal is exhibiting her illustrations, “Elucidations,” during the month of November at the Northshore UU Church.

Over the past few years, Penny has participated in a weekly online drawing challenge called “Illustration Friday.” Every Friday a one-word topic is posted on the IF website, and participants have all week to create their own interpretation of that word. Many of the illustrations and text in “Elucidations” were created in response to IF challenges.

Penny Neal primarily draws with pen and pencil, paints in watercolor, gouache and oils, and prints with water-based inks from linoleum and wood blocks. After graduating from college, she spent 18 months in Africa teaching English.

“Everyday life there had two extremes: crazy wild or deadly calm,” she writes. “During the calms, my adventures on the ‘Dark Continent’ were re-lived and documented in letters home. Accompanying letters were illustrations showing family and friends what I saw and did, and African animals, with their spots, stripes and strange shapes, helped bring stories to life. Though my adventures have changed, my spirited storytellers have not, and I still turn to them to best tell a tale or present an idea or concept.”

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