This Sunday’s service: “A UU Prays the Psalms”

What happens when a liberal humanist UU is welcomed into a weekly Christian prayer group? Church member Jennifer Revill, our service leader this Sunday, August 18, will address that question in a talk titled “A Unitarian Universalist Prays the Psalms.” She explains:

My weekly experiences with a diverse group of Christian believers over the last year — reading through the psalms, sharing our lives, and praying for spiritual sustenance and for the good of the world — has changed my understanding of Christianity, broadened my appreciation of the Bible, and reinforced my commitment to religious diversity and to Unitarian Universalism. The service will highlight the poetry of the psalms and give us a chance to discuss connections that can always be made between spiritual people of differing beliefs.

Our lay-led summer services continue through August 25. Our regular church year and Religious Education Program will begin on September 8.