This Sunday’s service: “Making Music, Making Meaning”


Please join us for our last lay-led service of the summer this Sunday, August 24, titled “Making Music, Making Meaning.”

Inspirational music has always played an important role in American society and in our growth as individuals. Most of us have memories of songs that hold particular meaning for us. Our Unitarian traditions alone are a rich and diverse source of songs about belief, social justice, healing, relationships, emotions, aspirations, peace and war that continue to inspire and sustain us. This will be a participatory service of words and music that explores some of our best. Please come prepared to share some of your favorites and to sing.

The service will begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by coffee and fellowship at about 11:30. Visitors are always welcome. Following a one-week break for Labor Day weekend, our regular church services and Religious Exploration Program will resume on Sunday, September 7.

Photo (cc) by ShalRath and published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.