This Sunday’s service: History of the Northshore Church


The Park Street Church of Peabody

Come explore the history of Danvers and Peabody at our service this Sunday, February 1, with noted local historian Bonnie Hurd Smith in her talk “Conviction, Cooperation, and Faith: A History of the Northshore UU Church, 1815-1966.”

The Northshore UU Church represents the 1966 merger of Danvers and Peabody churches. There was once a separate Unitarian church and a Universalist church in each town; these founding “grandparent” churches are fondly remembered by some of the older members of today’s congregation. The origins of the Northshore UU Church go back to the first Universalist church in Danvers, in 1815. In Peabody, the first Unitarian church was established in 1825 in what would later be called the Park Street Church. Hurd Smith’s talk will touch on events over the past 200 years that affected the churches and their communities. (Click here for a brief history of the Northshore UU Church.)

Bonnie Hurd Smith is a well-known researcher, writer, and speaker on the North Shore and around Greater Boston. Through her communications company, History Smiths, she helps clients use history — their own story and their community’s — to engage audiences in ways that benefit both.

Bonnie holds two degrees from Simmons College, and she is the author of numerous books on women’s and local history. She was recently recognized by Oxford University Press as the definitive scholar on one of the founding 18th-century American Universalists, essayist Judith Sargent Murray of Gloucester. She resides in Salem.

February 1 is also Food Sunday. Good nutrition is essential for good health. The Danvers Food Pantry is currently having trouble keeping food in stock with an increasing number of people in need. There are three ways you can help: Bring food to church and place it in the Food Pantry basket in the Fellowship Hall; write a check made out to “Danvers Food Pantry”; donate a grocery store gift card. Check or gift card donations may be given to Nelson, Gwen, or Daniel Scottgale to deliver for you. Thanks for sharing with others.

The service will begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by coffee and fellowship at about 11:30. Religious education classes are offered, and visitors are always welcome.