This Sunday’s service: “Blind Man’s Bluff”

Jacques Lusseyran

Jacques Lusseyran

Note: For the second weekend in a row, we are canceling this week’s service because of an impending winter storm.

The sermon topic at our service this Sunday, February 15, is “Blind Man’s Bluff,” to be delivered by guest speaker Barbara Schreur.

Darkness and light have often been used metaphorically to refer to different spiritual or existential states. Here in New England, however, it’s also easy to recognize darkness and light as literal, physical states into and out of which we all move.

Is there really anything so bright as the sun on freshly fallen snow here in the Northeast? And is there anything more conducive to blankets, soup, and good books than the fact that it starts getting dark by 5 p.m. here in the winter? What can we learn about ourselves from the ways in which we respond to light and to dark?

We’ll look at the extraordinary life and writings of a Frenchman named Jacques Lusseyran, who published a memoir about his experience of becoming blind at age 8 due to an accident, and ended up as a leader of the French Resistance in World War II, interred in and eventually rescued from the Buchenwald concentration camp.

The service leader will be Helen Brandt.

The service will begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by coffee and fellowship at about 11:30. Religious education classes are offered, and visitors are always welcome.