This Sunday’s Service – Make Us Whole

May 8 Service at 10:30 AM

Reverend Julie Lombard, Minister

Mother’s Day, much like Father’s Day, can come with both concerns and celebrations. Not everyone greets the coming of this day with joy and appreciation. It comes with a mixture of blessings. We may find ourselves caught dreaming of a Norman Rockwell image of a family or humbly consider the cruel reality of unanswerable broken relationships. We might ask, “Who is this day for?” Is it for those who are mothers, those who have mothers, or for those who have mothered? A wise lay leader reminded me once, “We come together to better understand the mysteries in our lives.” So let us gather together to understand the mystery of motherhood and let us find wholeness in our chosen church family. Please join us for worship this Mother’s Day.

Bonnie Anderson will be our guest piano soloist at this service.