This Sunday’s Service – The Creation of a Gangsta Rapper known as MC Hawking


February 26 Service at 10:30 AM

Ken Lawrence

Ken Lawrence will talk about his experience at the Starmus Festival of science, culture and music in the Canary Islands this past summer. In 2000 Ken developed a web site in which he created an alter-ego for Stephen Hawking, giving Hawking a second career as a Gangsta Rapper known as MC Hawking. At the Starmus festival Hawking was guest of honor and was awarded a medal. Immediately after Hawking’s presentation, Ken, as MC Hawking, performed before Stephen Hawking and an audience of one thousand scientists including eleven Laureates, an astronaut, and many of the world’s leading scientists. Included in Ken’s program will be videos of his performance, the history behind the creation of MC Hawking, and commentary about Ken’s meeting with Stephen Hawking.

Be aware that the satiric videos reflect Gangsta Rap culture and include language that we don’t expect to hear at church. Ken comments that if Stephen Hawking and 1,000 scientists can take it, he thinks the members of Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church will be able to hear it.

 Ken grew up in the Northshore Church and is the son of Jean Koulack-Young.