This Sunday’s Service – For All Saints and Souls: a 50th Anniversary Worship Service

November 5 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Charles Wilson, Rev. Edwin Lynn, and Rev. Julie Lombard

On All Saints’ and Souls Day there’s a call for us to live as saints; we are reminded of all the souls that have journeyed before us as we embark on a true celebration of the life of this church. This Sunday, we say, “Come one, come all” to worship together. 50 years have passed since the door first opened here in Danvers at Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church and this service is especially designed to lift our spirits for another 50 years as we honor our history, lift up our many shared ministries, and revere our sacred time together. We will peek at our very beginning, the long and winding road in between, and examine the present which points us towards a bright future. Please join us for worship to share in this outpouring of love of this blessed church community. A catered reception will follow the worship service in the fellowship hall.

There will be a great variety of music for this service. Helen Brandt will be directing the Singing Group,

Judy Putnam will be directing the Handbell Choir and Andrea Kaiser, piano.

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