This Sunday’s Service – The Soul of the Broken Family

January 7 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

The Jewish Tradition offers us a very different way to approach family in the context of religion that we can apply at the start of a New Year—the family’s principle purpose is to create a context for moral identity, spirituality, community, and purpose. Yet many of us have experienced through years of complicated dynamics within our families, we are at a crossroads: We can fight to change the dynamics of our dysfunctional families — trusting in the incredible power to transform ourselves and others. Or we can say it can go this far and no further. We will no longer be paralyzed by what isn’t or wasn’t right in our homes. Is it possible that this is the beginning of something completely new? Let us explore how the New Year could be a moment in which our accounting of the Soul of our Family allows us to turn to our loved ones and say, “I’m willing to try to do this differently.”

The music today will be solo piano by Judy Putnam, Music Director