This Sunday’s Service – Hack the Cage

February 4 Service at 10:30 AM

Rachel Burlock

The opioid crisis has hit many of our communities hard, and the debate about the best way to combat addiction is raging on all levels of our society. While opiates are proving particularly deadly, addiction in all its forms causes irreparable damage to countless lives and continues cycles of trauma across generations. Instead of viewing addiction as either a moral failing (a view often taken by the conservative right) or a purely chemical disease (the liberal left’s paradigm), a third perspective based on the “Rat Park” experiment of the 1970s offers us another way to engage with addiction on a personal level. How can we as Unitarian Universalists engage with addiction in our society, our community, and our families?

Rachel Burlock has been a Radio Shack manager, medical interpreter, burrito engineer, Methodist pastor, musician, and equity research analyst. She earned a Master of Divinity from Boston University in 2011, and soon after made the switch from United Methodism to Unitarian Universalist. In 2014 she self-released an album called Blocks which is on the Internet. Rachel and her husband John currently perform and record as the band Feisty Pants, when they’re not working grownup jobs and taking care of their daughters Molly (6) and Fiona (4). Rachel cherishes every chance she has to speak to others about her own spiritual journey and to share whatever value others might get from her story.