This Sunday’s Service – UnEarthing Mary Moody Emerson

January 28 Service at 10:30 AM

Nancy Haverington

Mary Moody Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s aunt and tutor, had been writing to him for several years about nature’s superiority to traditional religion. In one letter, she wrote, “Nature is my pulpit.” When Waldo’s young wife died, the loss shook him to the core and haunted him with questions about his vocation as a minister. Aunt Mary invited him to her sanctuary in the White Mountains of Maine, where they together confronted Nature, God, and each other. This experience changed both of them, and New England history. Haverington’s sermon will tell Mary’s story and raise the questions they wrestled with. Nancy Haverington, a playwright, screenwriter, former minister and Emerson scholar, will tell Mary’s story and explore the questions they wrestled with.

The music today will be our Singing Group led by Helen Brandt with Judy Putnam at the piano.