This Sunday’s Service – The Heart of Helping

March 4 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard

Seeking to care for others is what is at the heart of helping and the stewardship of all souls. In a month when our worship theme is service/vocation and we are in the midst of another annual stewardship drive, let us gather to consider what is common in all the forms of our giving. We will explore this topic by reviewing stories and reflections on service from Ram Dass and Paul Gorman’s book How Can I Help? Kerry Kenn Allen, President of VOLUNTEER- The National Center said about this book, “A perfect resource for volunteers who want to examine their work more closely. This is a remarkable book- one that challenges us to understand the impact of our efforts to help, not only on our communities, but on us as helpers and as people with needs.” Come and renew your spirit and be inspired by the stories from within this perfect resource.

Judy Putnam, Music Director will provide solo piano selections this Sunday.