This Sunday’s Service – Ask a Muslim Anything

March 18 Service at 10:30 AM

Robert Azzi






Sunday’s talk will be by Robert Azzi, an Arab American Muslim who lives in Exeter New Hampshire. Azzi is a photojournalist and columnist who speaks and writes on issues of identity, interfaith relations, conflict, Islam and Islamophobia. Azzi will begin with introductory remarks on Islam and being Muslim in America, followed by an invitation to the community to engage with him in an open “Ask a Muslim Anything” conversation, where no topic will be off the table.

“While there’ll always be the odd person who is reluctant to engage – or whose mind is closed to dialogue, the vast majority of people want to know who their neighbors are and what they believe,” Azzi says. “Most people will eventually come to understand that we’ve all been made diverse peoples so that we will come to know each other – and that to know each other we must reach out and talk to each other.”

Music by the voice of Sara Lucas, one of Andrea Kaiser’s students. Andrea and Judy Putnam will be accompanying her. The music selections will include two of Andrea’s original vocal compositions.