This Sunday’s Service – An Ever Larger Liberty

April 15 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

The Universalist minister Clarence Skinner wrote: The fight for freedom is never won… Each generation must win for itself the right to emancipate itself from its own tyrannies, which are ever unprecedented… Therefore those who have been reared in freedom, bear a tremendous responsibility to the world to win an ever larger and more important liberty. We are the inheritors of this liberty, and it has not come easily. We want to be a people committed to winning an ever larger liberty for the generations that follow. If we listen to the wind, our ancestors are whispering – Who is freedom for and who are our own tyrannies today? Let us gather to worship today to consider this question. Together we will envision a future with freedom for all.

Music will be by The Singing Group, led by Helen Brandt with Judy Putnam at the piano.