This Sunday’s Service – Why One Returns

May 6 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

“There is medicine, there is healing, we only need to take a small step toward God, or at least express the desire to take it, a tiny opening is enough.” – Pope Francis

The Holy Father had an early lesson about mercy back when he was a parish priest in Argentina. There, he met a young mother with children who had been abandoned by her husband. With no steady income and when odd jobs were scarce, she would prostitute herself in order to feed and provide for her family. She also visited the local parish, which tried to help her by offering food and material goods. Come hear the true story of how a prostitute became one of Pope Francis’s greatest teachers of mercy. He thought he was helping her with gifts of food, but it was the gift of dignity that kept her returning.

Today Theresa Orr will be playing her beautiful piano music for our service.