This Sunday’s Service – Get Wet

September 9 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

In the fullness of our faith community we gather by bringing waters from where ever our journeys have taken us while we were apart. This ingathering, sometimes called a “water communion” is a beloved UU tradition. This ritual is celebrated as folks return from their various summer travels and are invited to bring water from those travels or water that has other significance for them. Poured into a common bowl, these waters signify our coming together again and a way of symbolizing that many are one. A water communion is never a competition to see who went the farthest away; it’s a celebration and blessing of our unique unity. Please join us for this multigenerational worship service which will explore the importance new beginnings.

Judy Putnam will bring us back to a place of peace and community with her music.The Singing Group will sing.