This Sunday’s Service – Transcendence in Later Life

May 12 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Allan B. Chinen said, “Elder tales present a map of the tasks individuals must negotiate in the second half of life— warning of the difficulties and dangers, and previewing the promise and potential…Elder tales address the concerns of mature adults struggling with the psychological tasks of later life.” These fairy tales can show what lies ahead. While heroism dominated the fairy tales of our youth, transcendence illuminates the fairy tales of our elder lives. Chinen thinks transcendence is not a single, monolithic theme in these tales. It takes many forms, fitted to culture, faith, and personality of the individual. It’s a path, and one to which elder tales call us, in language most suited to our understanding – a transcendent journey toward Self, Society, and the Holy. Join us for worship to hear tales your mother may have told you.

Bonnie Anderson will return on this Mother’s Day to share her skill and sensitivity at the piano.