This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Readings from My Memoir: Escaping the Pteradarktyl

May 10 Service at 10:30 on Zoom

Peter VanDeBogert

A Pteradarktyl is the big ugly dinosaur bird and a metaphor for my depression. But this service’s readings will only be about ten percent Pteradarkyl. Instead I will cover such scenes as: propping up the corners my mouth in prep school, water dropping from my kitchen ceiling and how that led to Elaine’s and my wedding, our bizarre introduction to this church, my later attempts at explaining to my father what NSUU is all about, and the secret divulged to my fifteen-year-old daughter Erin before bedding down for the night in an Arizona campground.

The service will not follow the usual format of a Sunday service, although it will have a meditation and cares and celebrations.