This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Ingathering and Water Ceremony

September 13 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

The Land is parched and so are our souls. We’re reminded once again that water is life and that the well-being of one is dependent on the well-being of all. We need each other. What better time to renew and celebrate the connections with the Earth and with each other that sustain us?

Music: This morning we’ll be introduced to Rev. Carol’s recorder trio playing J.S. Bach. In addition we’ll hear the haunting I Want to Go as a River, enjoy Judy’s piano calling us back together in community, and then sing together Somos El Barco, led by Helen and her guitar.

You’re invited to bring a little water from a source that’s meaningful to you to NSUU on Saturday morning, September 12th from 10am -12noon. Rev. Carol will be there to greet you and collect your water as you drive by, pouring it into a common vessel. A video recording of this gathering of the waters will be part of our ingathering service on Sunday. Please wear a mask and be mindful of social distancing.