This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Tikkum Olam: Mending the World

October 10 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Ed Vaeni

The familiar face of minister Ed Vaeni will be our speaker on Sunday, October 10. Ed is retired now but spent many years as both a settled and interim minister. He spent the last ten years of his ministry as a Hospice Chaplain in Dover, NH.

In Ed’s words, “I take it as given that we are living in a time when all of our relationships; personal, communal, institutional, and environmental are being shaken to the depths. There may be many ways or no ways at all to resolve these relational conundrums. But for today I want to return to an ancient Jewish tradition known as Tikkun Olam to see if it can serve in o ur struggle to make and keep human life human. Tikkun Olam may be translated as repairing or mending the world. It speaks to a way of relating to the world that is very different for us post-modern Americans. Let’s look at it and reflect together.”

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