This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Cultivating Relations in Small Groups

October 17 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Jennifer Revill, Service Leader

Small groups have the power to weave threads of connection that can deepen our relationships with others and ourselves. Jennifer Revill, Helen Brandt, Judy Putnam, Samantha McCune and Rev. Carol have been exploring a model for developing small groups that promote this kind of listening and sharing. They will share what they’ve been learning and why they are so excited about potentially facilitating small groups at NSUU using this model.

“There is a quality of listening that is possible among a circle of human beings, who by their attentiveness to one another create a space in which each person is able to give voice to the truth of his or her life. There is the miracle of authentic narrative, made possible by listening that holds still long enough to let our truth be told.” Rebecca Parker

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