This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Lamenting Our Way Into Hope

November 29 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Ed Vaeni

Given that November 29 is the first Sunday in Advent in the Christian tradition this year, and that it comes at a time of uncertainty unlike any we have seen in quite some time, I want to reflect on what “patient anticipation” means in these times. I will use Psalm 80 as a text.

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This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Thanksgiving Sunday

November 22 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

Gratitude is a feeling, to be sure, but it’s so much more then something personal and private. During this season of Thanksgiving we’ll explore what an ethic of gratitude might look like; gratitude that’s more about “we” than “me.”

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This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Transition

November 15 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker and the Transition Team

“Effective transitions begin with a long look in the rearview mirror, keeping in mind that objects may be closer than they appear.”

Rev. David Keys

The more mindful we become of how our past impacts our present the more intentional we can be about who we choose to become. Rev. Carol and the Transition Team will present an overview of NSUU’s history, inviting you to add your memories of those moments in your life that give you a sense of who you are and who you want to be — together.

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This Sunday’s Service – All Souls’ Sunday

November 1 Virtual Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

As we watch the leaves don their finery, let go and fall to earth we’re reminded that death is part of the cycles and seasons of life. Death and decay are the source of new life and the cycle continues. This is true for the loved ones we’ve lost and the gifts they pass on to us as well. When we remember them, honor them and celebrate their gifts, we lift up their legacy and the cycles and seasons continue.

NOTE: You are invited to bring to the service a photo and/or a story of loved one who has died. Time for sharing will be part of the service.


This Sunday’s Service – Vote Love, Defeat Hate; Organizing for the Long Haul

October 25 Virtual Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

National UU the Vote Team

In the midst of global pandemic, rising authoritarianism, and uprising, lives hang in the balance and the future of democracy is on the line. In response, Unitarian Universalists are answering the call of our faith, building powerful partnerships to mobilize our communities to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate in the 2020 elections. Join UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray, the UU the Vote team, and a lineup of powerful, prophetic UU voices as we explore the intersections of faith, justice, and democracy in this collective virtual service.

Coffee hour following the service will give us all an opportunity to share our reflections of this inspiring and timely service.


This Sunday’s Virtual Service – The Trials of Susan B. Anthony

October 18 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Beth Blanchard and Peter VanDeBogert

One hundred years ago Congress passed the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was one of the most, if not the most, influential crusader and political activist in the fight for women’s suffrage. “The Trials of Susan B. Anthony” is a staged reading about her life and times. In addition to Susan B. Anthony, we will also meet abolitionist Frederick Douglass and Judge Ward Hunt who sentenced her for illegal voting.

With the death of supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the political and social unrest in this election year, a retelling of her story seems particularly timely and relevant.


This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Looking at History with New Eyes

October 11 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

The second Monday of October has been observed as Columbus Day since it became a federal holiday in 1937. But some cities and states have begun observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day over concerns Columbus helped launched centuries of genocide against indigenous populations. We’re learning that the history most of us learned in school presents one side of the story. Much of what we’re taught perpetuates systems of oppression woven into the very fabric of our country. Learning more about these stories from Indigenous People can help us reorient ourselves towards truth, equity and justice.

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Betwixt and Between

October 4 Service at 1:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

Change brings with it an inevitable feeling of being “betwixt and between”; having left where you were but not having arrived at where you’re going.  It’s hard to let go of the past, allowing ourselves to fall into this place of unknowing.  It can be downright scary. But that place of unknowing is precisely where the seeds of possibility can begin to grow.  We’re experiencing so many change these days it can be especially hard to let go and embrace the unknown.  The temptation is to race to return to “normal”.  In doing so we may miss opportunities for something new to emerge, possibilities for transformation.