More sermons now online

We’ve been catching up, and the audio of every sermon that is available has now been posted online. We’re especially pleased that Reverend Frieda’s sermon of last October 21, “Gender, Identity, and Sexual Orientation,” is now up, given that it seemed to have gone missing at the time. You can listen to the sermons here.

All sermons for 2010-’11 are now online

We got a little bit behind, but the audio files for all available sermons for the 2010-’11 church year are now online. Please visit our Sermons page to listen. Recently uploaded sermons:

  • “Do It Well: Vocation in Our Modern World,” Ashley Benner, Director of Religious Education, May 22
  • “Memories, Respect, War, and Peace,” a spiritual conversation led by church member Peter VanDeBogert, May 29
  • “Social Networking: Will It Change the World?”, Rev. Frieda Gillespie, June 5
  • “Service Is Our Prayer,” Rev. Frieda Gillespie, June 12
  • “Stories of Fatherhood,” church members Tim Bernard, Glen Golrad, and Leonard Swanson, June 19
Fire up your iPod.

Our church’s social-networking presence

As a follow-up to Reverend Frieda’s social-networking discussion this past Sunday, we thought you’d like to be able to access our Facebook group as easily as possible. Therefore, we’ve moved the Facebook button to the top of the right-hand column. If you are already registered with Facebook, just click on the button and you will enter. If you ask to join the group, we will try to approve you as quickly as possible. Activity has really picked up since Sunday, so please take part.

Our Twitter button is near the top, too. At the moment we are doing very little with Twitter. But new posts to are automatically sent to our Twitter feed, so it is another way to keep up on what’s going on at our church.

The church also belongs to two other social-networking groups — Flickr, for photo-sharing, and YouTube, for posting videos. So please have a look at those as well.

Notes about what’s happening online

A few notes for visitors to

  • Google appears to have resolved its problem with Google Calendars, so our Calendar of Events is once again accurate. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Two more sermons have been uploaded to the Sermons page: the Reverend Frieda Gillespie’s November 7 talk on “Capturing the Joy,” and the Reverend Edwin Lynn’s November 14 talk titled “We Are All a Little Quirky.”
  • An important reminder: Please make regular use of the link to If you are buying something through Amazon, just click on the Amazon button at the top of the right-hand column. A percentage of everything you purchase will be donated to the Northshore UU Church.