This Sunday’s Service – Live Streaming General Assembly 2019

June 23 Service at 12:45 PM

**Note service time: 12:45 – 2:30pm 

Join us as we live stream the largest annual gathering of UU’s joining in worship. The Unitarian Universalist 2019 General Assembly will be held in Spokane, Washington. We will be streaming the Sunday morning service led by Rev. Marta I. Valentin, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford, Massachusetts.

This Sunday’s Service – Flower Communion Sunday

June 16 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

For decades UUs have been bringing a flower on this day from their own gardens or from a field or roadside. All blooms are welcome! This ritual signifies that it’s by our own free will that we join with one another. Our gathered flowers are a symbol of our unity. The flower communion signifies the individuality of each flower and person, yet celebrates the unique contributions we share.. Our bountiful bouquet would not be the same without the addition of each flower, and thus it is with our church community: it would not be the same without all souls. Please join us for this special worship service, an affirmation of our ever-blooming beloved community.



The Hand Bell Choir will open our last service of the formal church year.

The Singing Group will close out our church year with three pieces.

This Sunday’s Service – Shining Brightly

June 9 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Let us enter, rejoice, and come into more of this special time of our church year celebration. We have spent a bold and beautiful year together; we have much to praise and be thankful for. Let us reflect back over our year and all the good work we’ve done here as service to the wider community. Join us for spiritual merriment as we recall the days gone by and we spotlight all those who serve and make up our devoted lay leadership.

This Sunday’s Service – Growing Together

June 2 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

June arrives reminding us that all too soon summer will again be upon us. Graduations are under way, and many things are coming to an end. Some go away for the summer, while snowbirds are finally back. It is good to be together. We have a few more blessed weeks before lay-led summer services begin. We will be worshipping every Sunday! Throughout June we will consider the many things for which we are grateful, and we will use this precious and sacred time to call attention to the ways we have shone brightly. Please join us for worship as we formally welcome our newest of members: Toby & Ben Gary, Susan Haas, Theodore Roselund, Linda Brindle, Joan Breen, & more TBD.

The Singing Group is back to offer songs of energy and peace.

This Sunday’s Service – The Soldier’s Soul

May 26 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar

This service will be an unabashed commemoration of our military personnel, past and present, acknowledging the unique spiritual toll that military training and experience can take.

Jeanne Nieuwejaar has been active in liberal religion throughout her life – as a lay worker, religious educator and minister. She served as interim minister at Northshore Church in 2007-2008.


Judy Putnam will provide poignant piano music to accompany our speaker’s exploration of the toll military service takes on the souls of those serving our country.

This Sunday’s Service – Religious Exploration Sunday

May 19 Service at 10:30 AM

Stacey Sherman and the Religious Exploration Gang

Today’s service will be a celebration of this year’s Religious Education Program. Our youth were very busy this year as they learned what it means to be Chalice Children and good neighbors visiting our neighboring faiths. We will share with you some of the amazing experiences we had along the way. We will take some time to thank and honor our teachers and bridge our oldest youth, Annie Lombard.

Youth, possibly aided by Singing Group, will plan music for this celebration of youthful learning and wisdom.

This Sunday’s Service – Transcendence in Later Life

May 12 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Allan B. Chinen said, “Elder tales present a map of the tasks individuals must negotiate in the second half of life— warning of the difficulties and dangers, and previewing the promise and potential…Elder tales address the concerns of mature adults struggling with the psychological tasks of later life.” These fairy tales can show what lies ahead. While heroism dominated the fairy tales of our youth, transcendence illuminates the fairy tales of our elder lives. Chinen thinks transcendence is not a single, monolithic theme in these tales. It takes many forms, fitted to culture, faith, and personality of the individual. It’s a path, and one to which elder tales call us, in language most suited to our understanding – a transcendent journey toward Self, Society, and the Holy. Join us for worship to hear tales your mother may have told you.

Bonnie Anderson will return on this Mother’s Day to share her skill and sensitivity at the piano.