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Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church
A liberal, welcoming congregation serving the North Shore of Massachusetts since 1966

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We have several ways to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Our committees translate our mission and principles into action. We look to each other to share interests and talents so that our church can thrive and become a part of the larger community. Read about each committee’s mission and activities listed below to see what you might be interested in becoming involved with. Sit in on a few meetings, decide how you might make a difference.

Religious Services Committee

Jennifer Revill, Chair

The Religious Services Committee’s mission is to conceive, create, and deliver welcoming, thoughtful, and spiritually nourishing Sunday services for members and visitors. We do this by:

  • Supporting the current minister, working together to enhance their chosen topics with complementary and inspiring music and readings.
  • Planning for guest speakers. We approach this task with a spirit of curiosity and hospitality, seeking out dynamic speakers who wish to offer their interests and experiences to our congregation.
  • Working with other committees within the church, to help keep all of our missions aligned.
  • Pre-service preparation. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, there is a trained service leader to help each service run smoothly and see to all the details essential to a seamless experience.
  • Evaluating past services, to celebrate the ideas and elements that worked well, and to look for ways to keep improving.
  • Planning and scheduling summer services, and supporting lay members as they plan their presentations.
  • Always keeping an eye on our mission. We stay apprised of UUA service recommendations, as well as what other church worship committees are doing, always considering how we might enhance our programming. And we ask, often, how the church’s worship plans can best serve the needs and wants of our church community, and beyond.

The Caring Team

The mission of the Caring Team is to give support and provide assistance to those in our church community who are facing illness, bereavement, or other situations that may be causing distress.

  • The Team can help by delivering meals to those at home; arranging transportation to medical appointments; making hospital and home visits, as well as sending cards, emails and phoning those who are in need.
  • Copies of local communities that offer transportation and other services can be found on the table to the right as you enter the church. Please take one, if you wish.  Or, you can see them here:   Transportation Resources by Town.
  • During the pandemic the Caring Team continued giving rides to doctors’ appointments and surgeries, as well as delivering groceries to those who were isolated.
  • The Team meets monthly to discuss who may need help. A plan of action is created. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and always respected.
  • The Comfort Shawl Ministry is another part of the Caring Team. Knitted shawls and lap robes are made by church members to give to those we are serving.

If you wish to speak with someone from the Caring Team, please email Barb Reeder, Committee Chair, at barabaraellenroth@gmail.com and leave a message. Thank you.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Hal Morse, chair

Members: Bob Ferris, Marty Riddle, Chris Ruggles, and Eric Swanson

 Mission Statement

To respect the tradition of those who came before us and strive to improve the experience going forward by providing a safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place for worship. To coordinate with other church groups when it comes to the most economical and energy efficient solutions to maintenance, planning and capital improvements. To be good stewards of our properties and the surrounding grounds and adhere to the UUA 7th Principle whenever possible.


General duties of this committee is determining maintenance projects that require attention and prioritizing capital improvements outlays that are to be approved by the church Board of Directors.  Building safety and security are always important considerations.  Recent improvements included converting large fluorescent light fixtures to similarly sized LED fixtures throughout the preschool rental portion of the building. These fixtures will never need to be replaced and provide the rooms with the same quality of light at far less electrical cost saving the church money and lessening our carbon footprint.  The RE Room will be getting an LED lighting upgrade this coming year, completing our LED lighting conversion!  Also replacement of electric baseboard heating panels and thermostats has been done whenever necessary.
2023/2024 Projects:
      In early April of this year five of us worked on cleaning up all of the residual leaves from the late fall and winter, on all sides of the building, including the flower beds adjacent to he front entrance..   Bob Ferris is anxious to get a leaf composting area going near the driveway.  Here, leaves will ferment over a season or two, and then be mulched to create a high value fertilizer for our gardens.  The B & G members will also help to keep the Memorial Garden well groomed, weeded and watered.    Come August, a group will be organized to give a fresh coat of gray stain on the siding all the way around the perimeter of the building.  This will do well to complement the recently painted red trim around the new windows, and upper trim panels.


Membership Committee
Barbara Haight, chair


The Mission of the Membership Committee is to encourage and foster membership at North Shore Unitarian Church of Danvers.

We warmly welcome everyone who comes through our doors; whether they are long standing members or visitors looking for a spiritual home.

Each Sunday, we invite you to join us in worship and stay afterwards for coffee and conversation.

If you are a visitor, we are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, or how you can join as a new member.

The Membership Committee provides ways for all members and friends to make personal connections though social events such as Circle Dinners, Sunday Strolls, Small Group Ministries, involvement with church committees or larger community wide activities, such as auctions and musical events.

Please contact the Membership Chair, Barbara Haight, with any questions you may have by leaving a message or email with our church administrator at (978) 774-7582 or nsuu@verizon .net.

Social Justice Committee
Cheryl Ferris, chair

Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Justice Committee is twofold: (1) to develop opportunities for the congregation to engage in discussion of issues related to social justice and (2) to identify social-action needs and coordinate and support the congregation in activities in pursuit of social justice locally, nationally, and internationally as a means of living out our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Art Exhibit Committee
Cheryl Ferris, Chair

The Art Exhibit Committee works together to arrange for the display of artwork in our beautiful sanctuary.  Our setting in the woods and the flexible, open nature of our sanctuary lends itself to a gallery-like feeling.  Each week, as we are refreshed and renewed by the words that are spoken and shared and the music provided, we are nourished by the display of art on our walls. 

Artwork is provided by local artists recruited by the committee or sometimes by artists in our own congregation. Exhibits include quilts, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media works with a variety of themes.  Art exhibits are typically rotated every two months, ending the year with a display of “Joy Blocks” created by church members.

Communications and Hybrid Services Committee

Chris Ruggles, Chair

The Communications and Hybrid Services committee originated because of restrictions forced upon us during the Covid epidemic. We decided to use Zoom as a means of connecting with the congregation at a time when the ability to communicate with friends and receive spiritual support was so needed. Four dedicated and technically knowledgeable individuals volunteered to form the Communications and Hybrid Services committee. Their responsibilities have included providing a church service by Zoom every Sunday that includes videos provided by the singing group and from Netflix. A member of the group meets once a week with the Religious Services committee to finalize the upcoming service. Over the past two years, multiple iterations were required to improve the sound quality of the spoken word, choir vocals, and instrumental performances.

When we were able to resume meeting in person in the church, some congregants still found attending church from home was a needed alternative. The Communications and Hybrid Services committee provided us with hybrid ability, allowing for services at home and in the sanctuary.  

This team provides additional support when called upon for other church activities that occur at times other than the church service. An additional activity provided by the Communications and Hybrid Services committee is helping to establish our new website and providing ongoing support in updating it.