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Covid Information

Mask Wearing Update: Due to high rates of respiratory illness, (including Covid, seasonal flu, and RSV), the Board is now recommending mask wearing in church. This is not a mandate. However, we will continue to monitor the rates of infection through the winter. 
……NSUU Board of Directors January 2024


The Board is monitoring the rates of respiratory infections which include COVID, RSV and seasonal flu. According to statistics available on the Mass.gov website, the North Shore is currently experiencing a “ high” rate of these infections, though not the highest rate currently.

During the Winter months when doors and windows are closed, it is particularly important that we protect ourselves and others as we gather together on Sundays. It is possible to be unknowingly infectious with Covid prior to testing positive. Many of us have friends or family members who have had Covid or other respiratory illnesses in recent days.

 While we are not moving to a mask mandate for church attendance currently, we strongly urge everyone to wear a mask if you have been in large social gatherings. Some of us have begun to wear masks again when going out as a general precaution.

Wearing a mask in church is a small inconvenience compared to being sick or unknowingly infecting a fellow church member. We ask that you consider this measure as a way of caring for each other.

The Board will continue to monitor rates of infection, and will update our guidance as necessary, as we move through the Winter months.


The NSUU Board of Directors