Rev. Carol Strecker


Nancy Paskowski, Church Administrator

Samantha McCune, Director of Religious Exploration

Judy Putnam, Pianist/Accompanist

Helen Brandt, Music Director

Jeff Liacos, Custodian


Board of Directors

Andrea Kaiser, Chairman
Jason Beringer, Treasurer
Marty Langlois, Clerk
Robert Gamer
Scott Houseman
Julie Larson
Marsha Lasser
Hal Morse


Jill Updegraph

Church Committee Contacts

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Hal Morse, chairman

The Buildings and Grounds Committee coordinates regular maintenance of NSUU physical property with contractors and volunteers, is available to make quick decisions on emergency buildings and grounds issues, plans and coordinates annual projects to improve the quality of the church’s buildings and grounds within the budget approved by the board, and will endeavor to create room usage policy proposals for approval by the board.

The Caring Team
Barbara Reeder, chairman

Coffee Host Coordinator
Amy Tedford

Investments and Trusts Committee
Marty Riddle, chairman

Membership Team
Barbara Haight, chairman

Marcia Lassar, chairman

Religious Exploration Committee

Membership Team
Barbara Haight, chairman

Green Sanctuary
Iain Goddard, chairman

Religious Services Committee
Tracee Kneeland, chairman

Social Action Committee
Cheryl Ferris, chairman

Usher Committee
Peter VanDeBogert, chairman
Bo Batty