Our Vision

At our annual meeting on May 11, 2008, we adopted the following Vision Statement:

A look at our congregation five years into the future …

We of the Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church are a warm and inclusive congregation. All may find a home here in which to grow spiritually and deepen their faith. The diversity of our membership, and the music and art enveloping us, stimulate this growth.

We see the future in our young people and value a thriving religious education program. We foster an open-minded quest for truth and meaning at all ages that will nurture personal fulfillment in our challenging world. We resolve to promote social justice both locally and globally, and to serve others in need.

With gratitude for our beautiful surroundings and reverence for all life, we aspire to be environmental stewards in our own church and in the larger community. For even as we celebrate the worth and dignity of each individual, we acknowledge the interdependent web of existence on this planet.