The Caring Team

Ours is a community that cares for one another at all times, including in times of particular need. To serve that purpose, the members of the Caring Team, supported by a crew of volunteers, step up to provide assistance whenever a member of the congregation is in need of a helping hand.

Pastoral and spiritual care is provided by our minister, but there are other special needs that arise from time to time in our daily lives.  A member might request help at a time of particular life stress, such as illness, bereavement, or other family issues.

Upon request, we can offer meals and visits to the home bound, rides to medical appointments, friendly phone calls, cards, or visits to any of our members in need of assistance or support. We can even handle necessary minor errands and chores, such as food shopping, and laundry for those recuperating from surgery.

This special ministry to our fellow congregants focuses primarily on temporary needs at critical times. Assistance with identifying local community resources for longer term issues is also available. Confidentiality is always respected.

If you or someone you know might benefit from a meeting with a Caring Associate, you need only call the church office at 978-774-7582, or email at and the church administrator will contact the team.


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  1. Hi,
    My name is Janine, I have lost any faith that I have had previously, and I am spiritually bankrupt. I grew up going to Holy Trinity United Methodist Church, and would like to start going to a church that I will feel comfortable with, and grow spiritually. Do you think your church would be the right place for me?