This Sunday’s Service – The Soul of the Broken Family

January 7 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

The Jewish Tradition offers us a very different way to approach family in the context of religion that we can apply at the start of a New Year—the family’s principle purpose is to create a context for moral identity, spirituality, community, and purpose. Yet many of us have experienced through years of complicated dynamics within our families, we are at a crossroads: We can fight to change the dynamics of our dysfunctional families — trusting in the incredible power to transform ourselves and others. Or we can say it can go this far and no further. We will no longer be paralyzed by what isn’t or wasn’t right in our homes. Is it possible that this is the beginning of something completely new? Let us explore how the New Year could be a moment in which our accounting of the Soul of our Family allows us to turn to our loved ones and say, “I’m willing to try to do this differently.”

The music today will be solo piano by Judy Putnam, Music Director


This Sunday’s Service – Endings and Beginnings

December 31 Service at 10:30 AM

Peter VanDeBogert

On this New Year’s Eve we will look at the traditions, celebrations and significance of the holiday, as well as other endings and beginnings that we experience. There will be an opportunity for people to share whatever is on their minds.

Solstice Service

December 21 Service at 6:30 PM

Religious Service Solstice Committee

We will return to our traditional celebration with a solstice service beginning with a brief time outdoors for the burning of our yule log, candle lighting, and processing back into the meeting room with song and drums. The remainder of the service indoors will include readings, meditation, and the opportunity for sharing.

Our Two Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

May This Eve Shineth

Rev. Julie Lombard

What do you do when Christmas Eve lands on a Sunday? Go to church more! This morning’s service will look back upon some of the finest speech writers of their day: David McCullough, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill. Hear their wise words and a brief reflection of the meaning of their holiday speeches by your less wise minister. Join us for fellowship both day and night.

The beauty of seasonal music will be the order of the day. The congregation will join to sing Christmas carols.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 6:00 PM

Be With Me Now

Rev. Julie Lombard

Feel the spiritually renewing magical powers of worshipping together by candlelight on Christmas Eve. Come to a multigenerational worship celebration which will rekindle all souls as the choir sings Breath of Heaven— Mary’s Song. Hear familiar carols and uplifting readings, and share in the goodwill and warmth of community.

Our music will be shared by members of the Singing Group and the Bell Choir. We will, of course, close with our magical candle lighting ceremony and singing Silent Night.

This Sunday’s Service – What Would We Do Without Christmas

December 17 All Music Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Judy Putnam, Music Director; Helen Brandt, Singing Group Director

What would we do without Christmas? Yes, that is one of our selections for this Sunday that will delight you along with other wonderful treats. This year you will hear a wonderful variety of Hannukkah, Christmas and secular music shared by the Singing Group, SoulSong, and Handbell Choir along with familiar carols sung by all. So please join us for a special service celebrating the holiday season.

This Sunday’s Service – Goodwill for All

December 10 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

In the season of peace on earth and goodwill to all, it figures that our worship theme is goodwill in December. This is a time of year when so many of us are busy shopping for gifts and we have to ask, is goodwill front on our minds? There are acts of goodwill & kindness like caroling to your neighbors and then there’s the goodwill industry with its highlights and dark sides. What can we gain by exploring the bounty of goodwill? Can it change the way we see gift giving and receiving as a spiritual practice?

You won’t want to miss the special music by Guest Soloists, Lisa Kempskie, Violinist and Bonnie Anderson, Pianist. They have performed for evening concerts at NSUU and are absolutely thrilling together.

This Sunday’s Service – Holiday Workshop

December 3 Service at 10:30 AM

Tracee Kneeland, Service Leader

Celebrate the joy of the season as we take a break from the hectic commercialism around us to focus on connection and reflection of the holiday. We will gather together for a short service and caroling accompanied by the Northshore Ukulele Players. After the service we will create gifts, treats, and decorative items for the holidays. The crafting will be followed by a potluck lunch. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy one another as we collaborate in a setting of sharing and creating. Our Northshore UU Crafters will also have some ready-made handmade gifts for purchase to supplement your gift giving or donating.