This Sunday’s Service – St. Theresa of Smyllum Park

October 22 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Theresa Tolmie-McGrane was six years old when she arrived at the Smyllum Park Orphanage, Lanark, Scotland in the 1970’s. The sexual abuse began at age eight. By age 17 she escaped the horrors of abuse when she left the home to study at the University of Glasgow. She’s grown up to become a courageous psychologist in Norway. Today, she helps people tackle their own brokenness. As she looks back at her childhood, a childhood many did not survive, we consider the determination it took to face her fears. What does this kind of endurance look like?

Music: Singing Group sings for this service. Helen Brandt, Director and Judy Putnam at the piano.


This Sunday’s Service – Beyond the Traditional God

October 15 Service at 10:30 AM

Ben Lithgow and Peter VanDeBogert

Ben and Peter will have a thoughtful conversation about the ideas of authors Sam Harris (The End of Faith and Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion) and Greg M. Epstein (Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe.) There will also be an opportunity for the congregation to share their thoughts and ideas. Ben is a Sam Harris scholar and a guide at the House of the Seven Gables. Peter is a 40- year member at NSUU.

Music: Judy Putnam, solo piano for this service

This Sunday’s Service – A Derivative Virtue

October 8 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Lao Tzu has much to say about courage, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” and “from caring comes courage.” Faithful folks world-wide believe that courage is a derivative virtue that is empowered by something else, something larger than us. I cannot say if this is true for each person that discovers the power to overcome their fears and be courageous. We will explore various acts of courage from around the world to investigate from where courage comes from and if there is one source or many.

Music: Singing Group sings for this service. Helen Brandt, Director and Judy Putnam at the piano.

This Sunday’s Service – Hidden Acts of Courage

October 1 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Helen C. (Holly) Baylies

We all have different ideas and examples of courage displayed by our public servants and everyday citizens. Some make headlines, others do not. What changes your life? Someone who came forward when it was easier to stay silen? Or the one that takes a risk for the betterment of another who would never know if what they did would matter? Too many acts of courage go unsung and unspoken and their stories are never told. I hope to introduce you to some who have made a difference in my life and of the lives of many others. Those you will never read about or ever meet.

Biographical Info: The Rev. Holly Bayles has served our churches in Massachusetts and in upstate New York for the past 25 years. She is presently retired and living in Reading, MA; enjoying swimming, kayaking, ushering at the Stoneham Theatre and teaching woodworking to 7 to 11 year old girls at the Boys and Girls Club in Stoneham. It is a pleasure for her to be invited to speak at the Danvers UU Church.

Music: Margo McGowan, clarinetist with Judy Putnam at the piano

This Sunday’s Service – Visions for the Future, A Spiritual Conversation

September 24 Service at 10:30 AM

Service Leader, Helen Brandt

Join me for a consideration of various visions for the future; for your personal future, for the future of our country, for the future of NSUU. Using several short quotes on the topic of vision as a springboard for discussion, you will have a chance to hear and to be heard in community.

This Sunday’s Service – A Magic Trip Ahead

September 17 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Ken Kesey said, “You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.” Our monthly worship theme is Vision in September. The famous Unitarian born 200 years ago, Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” Here that’s Nature, Music, and Art. This year Northshore UU Church turns 50 years old! We’ve had many adventures in those many years together, yet the theme of Vision asks us, “Now where are we going?” Only a few years before the doors first opened here, Ken Kesey, author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” set off on a legendary 1964 cross-country road trip in a school bus to go to the New York World’s Fair with a group he called “The Merry Band of Pranksters.” Kesey and the pranksters intended to make a documentary about their trip, but the film was never finished, the footage remained virtually unseen for nearly 50 years until Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney and Alison Ellwood were given access to this footage to create a documentary of this extraordinary piece of American history titled MAGIC TRIP. We too have a magic trip ahead of us, maybe not as magical as Kesey’s trip or as drug-filled. Now is the time to ask, where will our future lead us? The music on this Sunday will be provided by the NSUU Singing Group, Helen Brandt, Conductor and Judy Putnam, Accompanist/Soloist.

This Sunday’s Service – Having Holy Conversations

September 10 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

It’s time to gather again in the fullness of our faith community by bringing waters from where our journeys have taken us while we were apart. The annual water service, sometimes called a “Water Communion” or “Waters of the World,” is a beloved Unitarian Universalist tradition. This ritual is celebrated as folks return from their various summer travels. You are invited to bring water from your travels or water that has other significance for you. Youth Group gathered water from their retreat to the waterfalls of the White Mountains and I gather there will be water from far off places where some of you viewed the eclipse. These waters are poured into a common bowl to signify our coming together again. It’s a way of symbolizing that many are one. A water communion is never a competition to see who travelled the farthest; it is a celebration and blessing of our unique unity. Please join us for this multigenerational worship service which will explore the importance of our unity. The music this Sunday will be provided by the NSUU Singing Group and Judy Putnam, Accompanist/Soloist/Music Director. We welcome Helen Brandt as our new official Singing Group Conductor and have gained some new members in the Group. Be sure to come and hear the beautiful music we will make.