There will be no Service on Sunday, September 3

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and join us for the first service of the year on September 10.


This Sunday’s Service – Singing Meditation

August 27 Service at 10:30 AM

Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam

The goal of singing meditation is to create a time and space for our souls to explore their vast potential for spiritual joy.”  This is a quote from the book, “Singing Meditation,” by Ruthie Rosier and Liz Hill.  Come this Sunday and join voices with others who wish to sing together as we reach for our spiritual selves in the process.  Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam will teach/lead you in a session of singing and chanting short, simple songs sung repeatedly, each followed by a time of silence, and in the process experiencing one’s inner self’s exquisiteness and true relaxation.  It is these opposites, singing vs. silence, that hold the beauty in this process.  You do not need to be an experienced singer or read music.  We welcome you to join us.

This Sunday’s Service – Finding Meaning, Hope, and Direction in Turbulent Times

August 20 Service at 10:30 AM

Lisa Judd

Professor Peter Vaill describes our current era as a “world of permanent white water, in which we’re all roaring down a wild river.” Few of us feel that we understand or control what is going on in our own lives, let alone any aspect of the current national and global situations. The chaos and violence of the past year would seem to bear out this assessment. If this is our new reality, how do we, as people of faith, get our bearings? How can we find meaning, hope, or positive direction in this confusing world? Are there “heroes” who can be pathfinders for us? This service will explore ideas that some have found helpful.



This Sunday’s Service – A Vote for Gertie

August 6 Service at 10:30 AM

Edith Fenton

I believe that we all have “mental snapshots” throughout our lives. These are moments we will always remember as epiphanies, or important landmarks in our life journey. I will honor Gertrude O”Kelly, a black woman who worked for my family and has been the most pivotal person in my life’s story. She was the center of many of my own “mental snapshots” which I will describe.

This Sunday’s Service – The Temple in the House:  Seeing the Sacred in Everyday Architecture

July 23 Service at 10:30 AM

Jennifer Revill

“Since 99 percent of our lives takes place within some type of building, street or designed landscape, any moment offers opening to the inexhaustible powers of the soul,” writes Anthony Lawlor in The Temple in the House.  Architecture can be our inspiration and our ally as we seek wholeness in mind, body, and environment. Today’s service will explore the ways in which the sacred can be found in the dwellings we inhabit at home or at work, and how we may bring presence of mind and spirit into the places in which we dwell.