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Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church
A liberal, welcoming congregation serving the North Shore of Massachusetts since 1966

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There will be no weekly Sunday services June 30-Sept 1

The Religious Service Committee, Minister and Music Director plan Sunday Services at NSUU. This summer, the committee members and staff will take time off for rest and renewal.

Weekly Sunday services will resume on September 8th

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NSUU Midsummer Service

Sunday, August 4th

The Wisdom of Trees

Edith Fenton and Judith Putnam


Together we will explore “The Wisdom of Trees” including readings, poetry, music and stories reflecting the world of trees around us all the time.  A walk in the woods, rest in the shade of a favorite tree, listen to the birds, feel the breeze…..take time to contemplate the deeper meaning of our planet, floating in a a vast universe. Trees provide so much to our world and this morning will allow us to experience that world for a little bit.