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Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church
A liberal, welcoming congregation serving the North Shore of Massachusetts since 1966

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At its meeting on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the Board reviewed the decision by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to lift the mask mandate as of May 11, 2023. Going forward, masks will be optional, and we will continue to provide masks for those who request them.

Milestone Celebrations

Sunday Services 
Most Sunday services at NSUU include a time to share Cares and Celebrations with the congregation. Participants are invited to share aloud a care or celebration with the congregation and to light a candle, or to simply light a candle in silence. This weekly practice encourages the support of each other through difficult times, and celebrates the milestones of life. Also, sharing in this way can inspire the congregation to live with deeper gratitude, greater connection, and more reverence for life.
Dedication of Children
Unitarian Universalists believe that children are born in a pure state. We dedicate the child to a good life during which they will choose their individual spiritual paths. The Dedication ceremony is a beautiful ritual during which a drop of sacred water is splashed onto the child’s forehead. Parents can contribute to the words used during the ceremony, and the congregation affirms and welcomes the child into the congregation.
Contact the Minister if you would like to have a dedication ceremony for your child.
Coming of Age and Bridging Ceremony
The Coming of Age Ceremony offers youth the opportunity to share their personal spiritual credos at the end of a year-long process of exploring and clarifying their values and beliefs. The youth can chose a mentor from the congregation to work with them during this exploration.  The congregation listens, supports, and honors this transition as youth prepare to leave childhood. 
UU’s recognize that the transition from youth to young adulthood is a moment to be celebrated. The Bridging Ceremony is a symbolic crossing from youth to adulthood for seniors in high school, welcoming them to the adult community whether here at NSUU or another spiritual community, wherever their travels may take them.
NSUU offers a unique and beautiful location for weddings in our sanctuary in the woods. A wedding is a special event for you and your loved ones. NSUU honors couples from different religious traditions, and supports opposite, same gender, and transgender couples as they prepare for their weddings. The NSUU minister or other qualified person may officiate. Receptions may take place in our Fellowship Hall.
Contact the Church Administrator or Minister for further information.
Memorial Services
NSUU offers a tranquil place for funerals and memorial ceremonies. Services may include whatever elements the families desire for their loved ones, usually including a eulogy, stories offered by family and friends, and music. Receptions may follow in our Fellowship Hall.
Contact our Church Administrator or Minister if you would like to have a memorial service at NSUU.