This Sunday’s Service – Religious Exploration Sunday

May 20 Service at 10:30 AM

Stacey Sherman and Religious Exploration Gang

Today’s service will be a celebration of our Religious Exploration Program. Our youth were very busy this year learning about acts of kindness and giving back to our community. They will be sharing their amazing experiences, allowing you see the great time they had learning about the world around us. Each of them grew individually, but all learned that working as a group can have a much greater impact. The impact was felt locally, but our message was extended to surrounding communities and groups, too.

Their hard work could not have been accomplished without the support and guidance of our dedicated teachers, and therefore, we will be recognizing and honoring them on this day as well.

Music will be by The Singing Group, led by Helen Brandt with Judy Putnam at the piano.


This Sunday’s Service – Neighborly Mercy

May 13 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

Can you imagine your child’s killer moving in next door?  That’s exactly how Mary Johnson showed incredible mercy to her son’s killer when he moved next door , and they began sharing a porch. Her only child was killed at age 20, and all she wanted was justice. His killer was locked up, but she found justice wasn’t enough. Sometimes mercy is learning to forgive. Mary visited her son’s killer, Oshea, in prison , and they became close friends. She helped him reintegrate into society by inviting him to live next door. She accredits the merciful act to her strong religious beliefs. She said: “Unforgiveness is like cancer. It will eat you from the inside out.” Come hear a true story of a mother full of mercy.

This Sunday’s Service – Why One Returns

May 6 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

“There is medicine, there is healing, we only need to take a small step toward God, or at least express the desire to take it, a tiny opening is enough.” – Pope Francis

The Holy Father had an early lesson about mercy back when he was a parish priest in Argentina. There, he met a young mother with children who had been abandoned by her husband. With no steady income and when odd jobs were scarce, she would prostitute herself in order to feed and provide for her family. She also visited the local parish, which tried to help her by offering food and material goods. Come hear the true story of how a prostitute became one of Pope Francis’s greatest teachers of mercy. He thought he was helping her with gifts of food, but it was the gift of dignity that kept her returning.

Today Theresa Orr will be playing her beautiful piano music for our service.

This Sunday’s Service – Standing up to Hate

April 29 Service at 10:30 AM

Anna Schutz

Anna Schutz will tell the story of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Newburyport when their members stood up to George Lincoln Rockwell, the head of the American Nazi Party. In the late 1950’s they prevented Rockwell’s group from marching in Newburyport. Anna will tell how this relates to the current hate group marches in this country such as Charlottesville, VA and how we can model the behavior of those UU’s in the 1950’s.

page2image1943363216Music will be by Judy Putnam and members of the Singing Group.

April 22 Service – Earth Day Service

April 22 Service at 10:30 AM

The Small and Large of It: NSUU’s Place in the Web of Life 

An Inter-generational Service             The Green Sanctuary Team                            

People of all ages gather today to celebrate EARTH DAY.  Here at NSUU we come together and consider how we fit into the incredible interdependent web of life of this beautiful planet.  Within our 11+ acre church property we shelter a precious natural place.  What and where is it?  Be with us for stories, meditation, singing, and a homily by Rev. Karin Peterson.

The Share-the-Plate this Sunday focuses on the theme of water with a collection for the Ipswich River Watershed Association, a local group that monitors and speaks up for the care and preservation of this vital connecting natural resource

This Sunday’s Service – An Ever Larger Liberty

April 15 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

The Universalist minister Clarence Skinner wrote: The fight for freedom is never won… Each generation must win for itself the right to emancipate itself from its own tyrannies, which are ever unprecedented… Therefore those who have been reared in freedom, bear a tremendous responsibility to the world to win an ever larger and more important liberty. We are the inheritors of this liberty, and it has not come easily. We want to be a people committed to winning an ever larger liberty for the generations that follow. If we listen to the wind, our ancestors are whispering – Who is freedom for and who are our own tyrannies today? Let us gather to worship today to consider this question. Together we will envision a future with freedom for all.

Music will be by The Singing Group, led by Helen Brandt with Judy Putnam at the piano.

This Sunday’s Service – Promoting a Beloved Community

April 8 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

It’s time to commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Since that sad day on April 4, 1968 through today, we have been on a journey with his spirit leading the way. Sometimes our faith tradition has stumbled. It’s ok to struggle, but the larger concern is how do we keep going? How do we continue to live out our values? How do we move beyond a culture of complicity? Can we say “And Still We Rise”? Come and be a part of this cultural check in for this faith and review the freedom it has offered us.

The Knotty Celts: Tony Walsh, Anne Walsh and Chris Lehorn will share their vocal and instrumental music.