Due to the Covid-19 Virus, in-person worship at the church has been replaced by on-line services.  Check the postings below for our services on Zoom.  If you are not currently a NSUU member and would like to access our virtual Zoom services, please email your email address to nsuu@verizon.net and you will receive Zoom invitations to our services.  

There will be a Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom every Sunday starting at 11:30 AM.

 During these unsettling times, staff and members of our Church are available to both members and the general public.  Reach out to us at any time by calling 978-774-7582 or emailing nsuu@verizon.net. Our Church Administrator can answer your questions or direct your calls and emails to whomever you wish to contact.

Our minister, Rev. Carol Strecker, can be reached by email at DanversNSUUMinister@gmail.com, and by phone at 978-774-7582.  The Board of Directors and various Committee Chairs and members are all available.

 This moment indeed reminds us of the interconnected web of which we are all a part. Keep in touch with us and with one another.

Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church

Board of Directors

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Getting to Know You

September 20 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

New relationships are exciting and fun. They can also be a little challenging at times, requiring us to be open-minded and open-hearted in new ways. One of the gifts of Interim Ministry is the opportunity to explore what it means to be welcoming, especially in the midst of uncertainty and change. Rev. Carol will share her experience as a “newbie” in the context of her role as an Interim Minister.

Music: Our music this morning focuses on the theme of togetherness and welcoming. We will gather to Brian Tate’s rousing anthem We Are One followed by singing together the familiar Come, Come Whoever You Are. Our meditation will include some music new to our ears. As always Judy will add her piano, Singing Group will reappear to welcome Rev. Carol, and we will finish together with Getting to Know You.

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Ingathering and Water Ceremony

September 13 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Rev. Carol Strecker, Interim Minister

The Land is parched and so are our souls. We’re reminded once again that water is life and that the well-being of one is dependent on the well-being of all. We need each other. What better time to renew and celebrate the connections with the Earth and with each other that sustain us?

Music: This morning we’ll be introduced to Rev. Carol’s recorder trio playing J.S. Bach. In addition we’ll hear the haunting I Want to Go as a River, enjoy Judy’s piano calling us back together in community, and then sing together Somos El Barco, led by Helen and her guitar.

You’re invited to bring a little water from a source that’s meaningful to you to NSUU on Saturday morning, September 12th from 10am -12noon. Rev. Carol will be there to greet you and collect your water as you drive by, pouring it into a common vessel. A video recording of this gathering of the waters will be part of our ingathering service on Sunday. Please wear a mask and be mindful of social distancing.


This Sunday’s Virtual Service – My Experiences with Racism as a Friend, Wife, and Mother

August 30 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Jean Koulack Young

“I’m amazed. Your words had me transfixed,” Peter VandeBogart commented after reading Jean’s sermon. Jean, a 40-year member of NSUU married an African-American man in 1965. Together they had three children. In her talk, Jean tells about the racism she has experienced and how she is becoming more aware of how her “bubble of white privilege” has kept her from being aware of the subtleties of racism her family and friends have endured.


This Sunday’s Virtual Service – HAVE YOU SEEN THE ULTIMATE?

August 2 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Jennifer Revill

“Moments divine, ecstatic hours; in which our thought flies from world to world, pierces the great enigma, breathes with a respiration broad, tranquil and deep as the respiration of the ocean…”  Many people throughout history have had what they believe to be religious or ecstatic experiences. Perhaps you are one of them. Why are they part of our human experience, and what might they mean for the spirituality of our contemporary world?  Jennifer Revill will offer an overview of the topic, which is the subject of her final project towards a masters degree.

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Summer Reading

July 19 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Edith Fenton

Here is a place to go when you can’t go anywhere. Lose yourself in a great book.  Take yourself on a mental vacation with a great read. Our service will gather as many ideas for summer reading as our participants can share.

Please email Edith Fenton ecarterf@gmail.com  with names of  books you would like to have mentioned.

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Can We Talk? Conversations across the Political Divide

July 12 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Helen Brandt, Lay Leader

Are you feeling hopeless about our inability to talk to each other as we hunker down into our chosen positions on one side or the other of the political divide?  Are you feeling hopeless about our ability to move forward in our country?  Are family dinners uncomfortable?  Do you find your blood pressure rising when you log on to Facebook?  Does this all feel somehow deeply wrong to you?  Let’s join together to think about how we can begin to communicate again as fellow human beings.

In this time of physical distance it’s more important than ever to stay connected.  Please send Cares and Celebrations to helenbrandt17@comcast.net.

This Sunday’s Virtual Service – Seeds, Roots and Blooms

June 21 Service at 10:30 AM on Zoom

Edith Fenton

Today, on this glorious spring day, we reflect on our beginning, the deepening of our roots, the delicate new growth of our young members and the flowering of our adults.  Our service today is adapted due to social distancing, combines elements of the flower service, religious education service and a roots service. The seeds that you have received through the mail represent  the flowers that we usually give and receive.  Then our young members, guided by Beth Beringer, will talk about their year’s activities.  Finally Beth Beringer, Hal Morse and Jan Lycette will speak about the spiritual paths  that brought them here to NSUU.