This Sunday’s Service – Service Stories from How Can I Help?

March 25 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard and Peter Vandebogert









Peter Vandebogert & Rev. Julie Lombard will read powerful stories from the book by Ram Dass and Paul Gorman: How Can I Help? Earlier in the month, wisdom from this source was explored and we put to ponder how our values are used when we respond to need. This week, hear some of the stories that inspired the book and hopefully ourselves to say, “How Can I Help?”

The Singing Group will bring us the music with Helen Brandt, Choir Director and Judy Putnam at the piano.


This Sunday’s Service – Ask a Muslim Anything

March 18 Service at 10:30 AM

Robert Azzi






Sunday’s talk will be by Robert Azzi, an Arab American Muslim who lives in Exeter New Hampshire. Azzi is a photojournalist and columnist who speaks and writes on issues of identity, interfaith relations, conflict, Islam and Islamophobia. Azzi will begin with introductory remarks on Islam and being Muslim in America, followed by an invitation to the community to engage with him in an open “Ask a Muslim Anything” conversation, where no topic will be off the table.

“While there’ll always be the odd person who is reluctant to engage – or whose mind is closed to dialogue, the vast majority of people want to know who their neighbors are and what they believe,” Azzi says. “Most people will eventually come to understand that we’ve all been made diverse peoples so that we will come to know each other – and that to know each other we must reach out and talk to each other.”

Music by the voice of Sara Lucas, one of Andrea Kaiser’s students. Andrea and Judy Putnam will be accompanying her. The music selections will include two of Andrea’s original vocal compositions.

This Sunday’s Service – Roots Service: Four Points of View

March 11 Service at 10:30 AM

Cheryl Ferris, Bob Ferris, Eric Swanson, Tracee Kneeland

Cheryl Ferris received a kidney from Eric Swanson [Wicked Local photo/Dan Mac Alpine]

The Root Service is a long tradition in this church. This is a worship service where we hear the unique journeys of those from our pews. This year we will hear from four people as they tell us the truth of their connection to this beloved community and how it led to a tighter-than-ever bond. We will hear from Cheryl, Bob, Eric, and Tracee as they tell their kidney transplant story. Each perspective holds a mysterious reality which will reveal something new about the storyteller and it may reveal something new in the hearts of each listener. Come and be a part of the sharing of these sacred stories.

The Singing Group will provide music with Helen Brandt, Choir Director and Judy Putnam at the piano.

This Sunday’s Service – The Heart of Helping

March 4 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard

Seeking to care for others is what is at the heart of helping and the stewardship of all souls. In a month when our worship theme is service/vocation and we are in the midst of another annual stewardship drive, let us gather to consider what is common in all the forms of our giving. We will explore this topic by reviewing stories and reflections on service from Ram Dass and Paul Gorman’s book How Can I Help? Kerry Kenn Allen, President of VOLUNTEER- The National Center said about this book, “A perfect resource for volunteers who want to examine their work more closely. This is a remarkable book- one that challenges us to understand the impact of our efforts to help, not only on our communities, but on us as helpers and as people with needs.” Come and renew your spirit and be inspired by the stories from within this perfect resource.

Judy Putnam, Music Director will provide solo piano selections this Sunday.

This Sunday’s Service – When he spoke out- part 2

February 25 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister








And more about Religious Authority and Unitarian Universalists: in part 2 of this sermon series, we will look to a man from within our Unitarian side of our tradition that drew upon his religious authority to give him the strength and conviction to speak out. How can we be like him? What is it about his Unitarian beliefs that empowered him to speak out? Again, we will consider if there is room for us to buck higher authorities as we listen to what is our hearts. Come and consider the great question this faith makes a person ponder- how far are you willing to go on your faith journey?

This Sunday’s Service – Faith in Action: Five Stories of Courage, Action, and Faith

February 18 Service at 10:30 AM

Bonnie Hurd Smith

“Faith in Action: Five Stories of Courage, Action, and Faith from Our Unitarian Universalist Tradition.” This talk will inform, engage, and inspire you as she demonstrates how relevant our remarkable foremothers are to our lives today. The re-issued edition of Bonnie’s book on this subject will appear in 2018.

Bonnie Hurd Smith is a lay leader within our UU tradition who has led services throughout New England. She is an author, speaker, and publisher, and the acknowledged expert on the Universalist essayist from Gloucester Judith Sargent Murray. She chairs the Archives Committee of the First Church in Salem, UU.

This Sunday’s Service – When she spoke out- part 1

February 11 Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Julie Lombard, Minister

In trying to better understand what Religious Authority is or might means to Unitarian Universalists, we have the advantage to turn to many a rich history of examples. In part 1 of this sermon series, we will look to a woman from within our Universalist side of our tradition that drew upon her religious authority to give her the strength and conviction to speak out. How can be like her? What is it about her Universalist beliefs that empowered her to speak out? Is there room for us to buck higher authorities to listen to what is our hearts? How far are we willing to go on this faith journey?