This Sunday’s Service – Singing Meditation

July 17 Service at 10:30 AM

Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam

“The goal of singing meditation is to create a time and space for our souls to explore their vast potential for spiritual joy.”  This is a quote from the book, “Singing Meditation: by Ruthie Rosier and Liz Hill. Come this Sunday and join voices with others who wish to sing together as we reach for our spiritual selves in the process. Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam will teach/lead you in a session of singing and chanting short simple, songs repeatedly each followed by a time of silence, and in the process experience one’s inner self’s exquisiteness and true relaxation.  It is these opposites, singing vs silence, that holds the beauty in this process. You do not need to be an experienced singer or read music. We welcome you to join us.

This Sunday’s Service – Flower Communion

June 19 Service at 10:30 AM

Reverend Julie Lombard, Minister

For seventy or so years UUs have been asked to bring a flower of their choice on this day, either from their own gardens or from the field or roadside. All blooms are welcome, even a simple supermarket bouquet. This ritual signifies that it’s by our own free will that we join with one another and our gathered flowers are a symbol of our united church fellowship. The significance of the flower communion is that as no two flowers are alike, so no two people are alike, yet each has a contribution to make. Our common bouquet would not be the same without the unique addition of each individual flower; and thus it is with our church community, it would not be the same without each and every one of us. Please join us for this special worship service—an affirmation of this blooming beloved community.

This Sunday’s Service – Gathered Here

June 12 Service at 10:30 AM

Reverend Julie Lombard, Minister

Let us enter, rejoice, and come into more of this special time of our church year celebration. We have spent a bold and beautiful year together; we have much to be thankful for and praise. Let us reflect back over our year and all the good work we’ve done here as we’ve served the wider community. Join us for spiritual merriment as we recall the days gone by and we spotlight all those who serve and make up our devoted lay-leadership.