This Sunday’s Service – Exploring the Power of Connections

August 28 Service at 10:30 AM

Lisa Judd

Author Herman Melville wrote that we “cannot live for ourselves alone.” “Our lives,’ he said, “are connected in thousands of different ways and through these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.” This service will explore ideas about how our connections and actions can bring about results that are not always obvious and sometimes unexpected.

This Sunday’s Service – Wairua O Te Ora – Spirit of Life Spirituality of the Maori People of New Zealand

August 21 Service at 10:30 AM

Jennifer Revill

A trip to New Zealand earlier this year sparked my interest in the religion and spirituality of the New Zealand aboriginal people. The Māori believe all living things are descended from the gods, and that God is embodied in nature. They also believe that all things have a type of soul – the Wairua. We’ll explore the Maori culture and spiritual beliefs through history, poems and music. Kia koropiko tatou tahi!

This Sunday’s Service – Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

August 14 Service at 10:30 AM

Jill Updegraph

During a particularly challenging time in my young adulthood when I was trying desperately to anchor myself emotionally; to find some purpose in life, to feel grounded, safe, whole, I came across this tiny little book.  It was such a powerful, simple and helpful handbook of life that I pulled it off the shelf (actually, I re-ordered a copy from Amazon) so that I could re-experience it as I shared its simple and magical messages with you.

This Sunday’s Service – Singing Meditation

July 17 Service at 10:30 AM

Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam

“The goal of singing meditation is to create a time and space for our souls to explore their vast potential for spiritual joy.”  This is a quote from the book, “Singing Meditation: by Ruthie Rosier and Liz Hill. Come this Sunday and join voices with others who wish to sing together as we reach for our spiritual selves in the process. Helen Brandt and Judy Putnam will teach/lead you in a session of singing and chanting short simple, songs repeatedly each followed by a time of silence, and in the process experience one’s inner self’s exquisiteness and true relaxation.  It is these opposites, singing vs silence, that holds the beauty in this process. You do not need to be an experienced singer or read music. We welcome you to join us.