This Sunday’s Service – Gather the Sprit

November 22 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Julie Lombard, Minister

images-4Come, come, whoever you are! This is our annual Thanksgiving Multigenerational Service, another homecoming after our recent200th Anniversary Celebration. This service will delight those of all ages with deep reverence, uplifting music, and a joyous thanks for all that is our lives. Please join us for worship, bring a friend or a family to share in this wondrous outpouring of love for this blessed church community.

This Sunday’s Service – A Culture of Gratitude

November 15 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Julie Lombard, Minister

There’s this internal gauge that I hope you check this time of year ─ it’s our internal gratitude gauge. Did you know you had one? In this message I will explain that this gauge isn’t found in a particular place like a thermometer hanging outside a window. I believe checking this gauge isn’t something that we ought to do once a year like a church stewardship drive. This is holy business done year round ─ an ongoing spiritual practice of checking our gratitude. Join us for worship and together we will build a culture of gratitude.

This Sunday’s Service – THE AX HANDLE, THE LIFE RAFT and US: Celebrating Our 200 Years

November 8 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Edwin Lynn, Minister Emeritus

NSUU Minister, Julie Lombard and the Rev. Charles Wilson (our minister from 1966-1971) will conduct the service and the Rev. Edwin Lynn, Minister Emeritus, will give the sermon. Special music will be provided by the Singing Group, the Hand Bell Choir and four-hand piano by Judy Putnam and Andrea Kaiser. Luncheon will follow the service.

This Sunday’s Service – Day of the Dead

November 1 Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Day of the Dead

Photo: John Curley

Many cultures believe that in the late fall the veil between this world and the next is very thin, creating a luminal space through which the spirits of our loved ones and ancestors who have died, can be felt. In this service, created and presented by SoulSong, we will hold among us the spirits of these loved ones and honor our deep feelings of love and loss. We will experience these feelings through poetry, music and creation of our own memorial altar to celebrate those we love and miss. Please bring a photo or an object which connects you to your loved one(s). Please note we will not have our customary Cares and Celebrations during this service.

We are off to a fabulous start to the year. And we have much to look forward to! In the background, the leaders of our church have been meeting about our governance, our administrative structure, and future planning. Usually we have one all-church meeting a year at the end of our fiscal year. With all the transitions we are going through, we feel that we should have a meeting earlier in the year as well. As we involve a new minister in our church, communication between all of us is imperative to make everything work out well. Please join us so that we can communicate what we have been talking about in meetings regarding our short- and long-term futures. I think it will be positive and forward-thinking. After the service on November 1st, please rejoin us in the sanctuary to discuss these issues in more detail. I look forward to meeting with you to hear your suggestions and opinions.

Brian Orr

This Sunday’s Service – Stay Tuned

October 25 Sunday Service  10:30 AM

Julie Lombard, Minister


Spiritual Practices come in many shapes and sizes, from praying and meditating to hanging out laundry on a clothes line. The day I learned about these practices at seminary was the day of the Boston Bombing. Staying tuned to these practices offers us a deep keel that will keep any sailboat upright in the midst of a storm. Please join us for worship to explore how these practices ground us on both the best and worst of days.

This Sunday’s Service – The Eye of the Beholder

October 18 Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Julie Lombard, Minister, Richard Lundgren and Shirley Guerriero

Spiritual Practices done through art affirms that the artist’s eye has a unique perspective. Often an artist’s work reflects the different ways they see the world and all they discover on their journey. This story will be told from some of our exhibit presenters: Julie Lombard, Dick Lundgren, and Shirley Guerriero. Looking at art also asks us to slow down and investigate new ways to see in our own worlds. Come join us for worship and learn how this process and appreciation can transform our spirits.