This Sunday’s Service – Bringing Our Past Into the Future

February 7 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Rev. Charles Wilson

Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church was created in 1966 and we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. I will compare what it was like to merge two congregations in 1966 with our recent history of creating a new congregation in the wake of Ed Lynn’s retirement. I’ll share some insights and draw out some themes from my experience of the two beginnings.

This Sunday’s Service – Constituent Advocacy

January 31 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Moving Beyond Awareness: The Role of Constituent Advocacy for Creating Effective Criminal Justice Reform

Andrea C. James

Our criminal justice system is broken. Its policies and outcomes are racist and punitive, with no attention paid to challenging the social injustices that contribute to overflowing prisons. What can we, as UUs dedicated to justice, do about it? Andrea James, author of Upper Bunkies Unite and Other Thoughts on the Politics of Mass Incarceration and co-founder of Families for Justice as Healing, will offer some suggestions for our involvement in reforming our broken system.

This Sunday’s Service – The Justice Juggle

January 24 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM
Julie Lombard, Minister

Over the years there have been more and more ways for us to roll up our sleeves and make the world a better place. Thank goodness for that, but sometimes it can get overwhelming to do it all. This is the appropriate month to sing the African American spiritual, hymn #169 “We Shall Overcome.” Perhaps we shall overcome being overwhelmed by our need to respond to the many ways to answer the call to justice. Please join us for worship as we explore this topic together.

This Sunday’s Service – Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 17 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Words and in Deeds

Lois Markham

We tend to enshrine our dead heroes, making icons of them. When we do that, we may lose sight of who they actually were and what they asked of us. KingThe Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., accomplished great things during his short lifetime, and he was just getting started. How can we keep Dr. King’s dream alive?

This Sunday’s Service – Arriving in Wonderland

January 10 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Julie Lombard, Minister

Six years ago through reaching out in love, I experienced justice in action. This sermon tells the story of a church community’s aim to resettle refugees. Through that work they learned the true meaning of hymn #402 “From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this we live.” Please join us for worship and hear how you can travel the world while never leaving your community. 1-10-16We are blessed to have two young women demonstrating to us Bhutanese Cultural Dancing during the story for all ages.


This Sunday’s Service – Holy War? Unitarians and the America Revolution

January 3 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

David Moffat, Writer and Historian at the House of the Seven Gables

In this new year we face religious freedom challenges that go back to our founding as a nation, when First Amendment issues were front and center. As the American colonies came into violent conflict with their mother empire, the Unitarian church was forming in the United Kingdom and the rebellious colonies. David Moffat (who spoke in 2014 on the life and work of Joseph Priestley) will look at the role that Unitarian ideals played in the struggle. He will look at the heads of movements: Richard Price, Thomas Jefferson and the Addams’s, as well as the common person caught up in that world- changing time.

This Sunday’s Service – Past Present and Future

December 27 Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Peter VanDeBogert

A nostalgic look back at past holidays and traditions, a thoughtful look at present joys and concerns of the season, and consideration of future hopes and dreams for meaningful celebrations. The emphasis will be on how those elements affect you and your loved ones. Those attending will have the opportunity to share.